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Patch Products had a varied lineup of new games for 2013 ranging from toy-like games to party games. I had a wonderful tour of their booth, and saw a lot of really cool stuff.

Flying Kung Fu Frogs: In this game you’re trying to flip plastic frogs onto several targets attached to a circulating set of trees. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks! 1-4 players, ages 4+.

Odd Jobs: A party game where one player plays the “client” and all the other players use the wacky business cards that come with the game to find the best solution to the problem at hand. Most of the time players won’t have a business that perfectly fits the job, so they need to convince the client to hire them. The business cards are pretty awesome in how ridiculous they are. The iPad pictured above shows the second image for the box cover, which will be lenticular when the game goes to print. 3+ players, ages 10+.

Farkle Around:  Roll the dice and try to fill up either side of whatever card is in play. It’s a race to see who can roll the right numbers the fastest. 2+ players, ages 8+.

Go Oink: A children’s cards game that plays like Go Fish, except instead of asking for a certain card, you need to make the sound of the animal you’re looking for. Ages 4+.

Shizzle: The coolest part about this is the Twist & Tumble dice cup. Put the dice in, give it a quick twist, and the dice come tumbling out of the bottom of the cup. Each die has different colored pips on each side, and players are trying to create a line of colors or numbers to score points. 2-6 players, ages 8+.

The Game of Things: Pictures above with one of the designers, Tom Quinn. A party game with an interesting twist. One player reads a statement, such as “Things you don’t want to put in your mouth.” All the other players then write an answer secretly, and the reader reads all the answers. Then the players go around the game trying to guess who wrote each response. 1 point is awarded for each correct guess, and an incorrect guess passes the guessing to the next player. Players who avoid detection earn 6 points. 4+ players, ages 10+

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