Of Gods and MortalsOf Gods and Mortals is a set of skirmish rules for mythological miniature battles. Players each control 10-20 mortals, 1-3 legends (monsters, heroes, or priests), and 1 god. Gods are powerful but will disappear when the faith of their troops is reduced to zero. Gods are also best used in combat against each other. However, on certain results of the dice, the power of a god explodes, hitting all mortals within range. Legends have the ability to swear an oath or make a boast. If the objective of the oath or boast is met, that legend’s army receives a morale boost.

Among Osprey Publishing’s other recent miniature war game releases are:

Looking forward to 2015, Osprey has planned:

  • Bolt Action: World War I (September)
  • Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City (March)
  • Fighting Sail–Fleet Actions 1775-1815 (May)
  • Black Ops–Tactical Espionage Wargaming (September)
  • Honours of War–Wargames Rules for the Seven Years’ War (November)


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