Gamers near Plano, Texas have an opportunity to practice their crafting skills with Goliath Games. The company is looking for a part-time Prototype Maker.

The U.S. Chess Federation is searching for an experienced Director of Development. A new position with the organization, the Director of Development’s role will be to “create and implement a comprehensive development plan for short- and long-term revenue growth in support of the US Chess mission.”

WizKids is looking for an experienced Product Manager in Hillside, New Jersey to develop long term plans, develop packaging, and interface with operations on the company’s unpainted miniatures line.

Ludo Fact needs Machine Operators and Assemblers for board game manufacturing in Lafayette, Indiana.

For production of miniatures, Privateer Press needs a Metal Caster in Bellevue, Washington.

Topps has multiple openings at its locations in New York City and Scranton, Pennsylvania, among them a New Product Development Associate with drawing and modeling skills and a Brand Manager for non-sports entertainment properties.

Hasbro’s 100+ openings include:

TCGplayer has numerous openings in Syracuse, New York and Atlanta, Georgia. Lots for Software Engineers and Product Engineers. Also for finance and data analytics and shipping. Two individual positions are worth highlighting, though. There’s one for a Digital Marketing Manager to be responsible for online marketing campaigns. And the company is looking for a General Manager of Seller Services, who will be a member of the executive leadership team and responsible for the company’s line of business supplying software tools to retailers.

ACD Distribution has several warehouse opportunities in Middleton, Wisconsin and Fresno, California. Also sales positions in Wisconsin.

Alliance Game Distributors is looking to hire a Sales Specialist in Roseville, Minnesota, specifically to work with Asmodee North America. The company also has openings for a Sales Trainee and an Administrative Assistant at its home offices in Maryland.

Asmodee North America, itself, is recruiting for a Trade Marketing Manager to support the sales team with PR, media relations, trade shows, and merchandising.

Games Workshop has many openings for retail work at various locations worldwide, also for a variety positions at headquarters in Nottingham, UK, including:

Gamerati in DuPont, Washington is looking to hire a full-time Social Content Creator/Community Manager for the company’s services to game publishers.

Board game-related freelance jobs posted on Upwork include:

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The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design
The winners of the 2015 Origins Awards, as given out by The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design at the Origins Game Fair, are:

Osprey War Games for Every Genre

Of Gods and MortalsOf Gods and Mortals is a set of skirmish rules for mythological miniature battles. Players each control 10-20 mortals, 1-3 legends (monsters, heroes, or priests), and 1 god. Gods are powerful but will disappear when the faith of their troops is reduced to zero. Gods are also best used in combat against each other. However, on certain results of the dice, the power of a god explodes, hitting all mortals within range. Legends have the ability to swear an oath or make a boast. If the objective of the oath or boast is met, that legend’s army receives a morale boost.

Among Osprey Publishing’s other recent miniature war game releases are:

Looking forward to 2015, Osprey has planned:

  • Bolt Action: World War I (September)
  • Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City (March)
  • Fighting Sail–Fleet Actions 1775-1815 (May)
  • Black Ops–Tactical Espionage Wargaming (September)
  • Honours of War–Wargames Rules for the Seven Years’ War (November)


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Osprey Publishing

Just 6 months after announcing expansion of its nascent miniature war game efforts, Osprey Publishing has revealed plans to develop a board and card game business. Osprey’s accessible military history books have been popular with gamers for a long time and are sold in many specialty game shops, so expansion in this field is not so much of a stretch.

To support the board and card game endeavor, Osprey is recruiting for a game developer to work out of the company’s Oxford office.

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More Osprey War Games

Osprey Publishing

Osprey Publishing has announced plans for a number of new miniature war games titles in 2014:

  • A Fistful of Kung Fu, a Hong Kong movie game (February)
  • Across a Deadly Field (May) and The War in the East (November) for regimental-scale Civil War battles
  • On the Seven Seas for the age of piracy circa 1500-1730 (June)
  • Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun, a companion book for Osprey’s steampunk skirmish rules, In Her Majesty’s Name (June)
  • Lion Rampant for the Medieval period (September)
  • Land of the Free for North American conflicts, 1754-1815 (October)
  • Tank War (August) and D-Day to Germany (October), expansions to the Bolt Action WWII skirmish rules

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