header_imageI stopped by Breaking Games to visit the new friends I made at Toy Fair this year. While I was there I noticed a game I didn’t see previously, Pack the Pack. The game is all about fitting the most loot in the limited space of your pack and getting back to town with the most valuable items. Each tile has an item, color, and gems. There’s actually a few variations of play that take into account each of the 3 tile attributes, each fast-paced.

Pack the Pack
The rulebook is available online if you’d like to get a handle on the game before heading over to the website and preordering a copy.

The only thing I could think about while checking this out what how crazy I go while trying to organize and prioritize loot in games like Diablo and Torchlight. It always felt like a game-within-a-game, and now that task is.

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