Parfum Asmodee EditionsAsmodee Editions, the company that distributes such popular titles as 7 Wonders, Elysium, and Splendor, has a new game out later this year that is all about the scents.

Parfum is a game of chemistry. Players act as perfumers, trying to create the perfect scent by collecting various ingredients. Use the Aroma dice to gather specific notes used to create perfumes that wealthy clients have requested.

The game comes with 42 fragrance tiles, 25 customers, 25 fountain tiles, and 15 dice. Plus, there are a number of wooden bottles that represent perfume, player tokens, a double-sided game board, character descriptions, and a few more additions to make the game complete.

The game supports two to four players, ages eight and up. Gameplay takes approximately 45 minutes.

Parfum is scheduled to launch by the third quarter of 2015. It will be available at local board game stores for a retail price of $50.

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