RPG Pencil DiceD20Entertainment recently launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign for six-sided pencil dice with pips on each side. The creators of the D6 Number 2s just launched a second campaign specifically for role-playing games.

The basic set comes with six pencils, each pencil has a different decision on each side. There are currently six different categories with four additional categories unlocked via stretch goals.

The basic set includes the Magic Questions pencil, which has such answers as yes, no, not likely It also includes the Hit Location pencil, with body locations like head, torso, or left leg. The NPC Reaction pencil includes emotions like suspicious, friendly, and uninterested. The Direction pencil features all four directions, plus up and down. The Treasure pencil lists gold, silver, weapon, magic item, and more. The Alignment pencil includes all six base alignments.

RPG pencils cost $1 to start. For $5, you’ll get the base set of six pencils. Add $5 more to get more sets. Just think. You could outfit your entire RPG group with their very own set of decision pencils for only $25. If you preorder at the $50 pledge level, you’ll get 100 pencils to share.

The RPG Pencil Dice campaign ends Mar. 10. Estimated shipping of the pencils starts in April.

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