Penny Arcade, partnering with ReedPOP, is launching its first tabletop-focused game convention, PAX Unplugged. The event, which is scheduled for November 17-19 this year at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, will join five other PAX shows with special attention to board games, card games, RPGs, and miniatures.

PAX Unplugged will take all the elements that have drawn millions of gamers to PAX – the chance to play and see the reveal of highly-anticipated upcoming games, attend game-inspired music concerts, participate in tournaments and watch panels with industry leaders – but with a renewed focus on fostering the best event for the burgeoning tabletop gaming community.

That makes the weekend before Thanksgiving a hot one for game events. PAX Unplugged is scheduled opposite BGG.CON and ChiTAG, though each serves different target markets.

Tickets to PAX Unplugged will go on sale in the spring.

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Already way above its funding goal, Thornwatch: Eyrewood Adventures, bridges the gap between narrative RPGs and board games. The game was originally envisioned by Penny Arcade’s Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins and is co-designed with Lone Shark’s Mike Selinker, Chad Brown, and Rodney Thompson. In the game players take on the roles of the Protectors of the Eyrewood, the Thornwatch, playing through a sort of choose-your-own adventure run by the a player designated as the Judge.

The game looks breathtaking, and you can even get a quick taste of it with a free print-and-play.

A pledge of $78 gets you a copy of the game, with all sorts of amazing things available at higher tiers. The stretch goals, most of which have already been met, provide you with additional characters, stories, and even a comic.

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BoxFirst off, let me just say that I hadn’t heard of Card Hunter until today. That’s really a shame, because I gave it a shot and it’s pretty awesome. It’s a free-to-play card-based RPG battle game with micro-transactions, though the creators strive to keep it from becoming a “pay to win” game. Blue Manchu Pty Ltd has done a really nice job putting together a pretty sweet game with lots of RPG nostalgia feel.

Anyway. Penny Arcade’s Acquisitions Incorporated,  a fictional adventuring corporation developed by Penny Arcade initially as a promo for a the D&D 4th Edition release, has come to Card Hunter for $5.99. This price includes the AI characters Omin, Jim and Binwin figures as well as one month’s Card Hunter Club membership.

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