The United States Playing Card Company is rolling out a new series of card games for children under the Hoyle brand name. Targeted at preschoolers, the card games play in fifteen minutes or less, and focus on sequence building, counting, and basic math. Each of the three card games in the line will retail for $5.99 and be available in July.

Piggy Bank is all about counting by fives and tens with simple adding and subtracting. Sharks Are Wild is a simple card game about sequence building and numerical identification, featuring cartoony sea images. Catch ‘N Fish also has cartoony fish images, but comes with a spinner from 1 to 10, with larger spaces near the tens. Play cards to add up to the number spun. Flip over the spinner and the larger spaces are near the low end of the number range for subtraction games. All three have cute little hangtags.

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