Orchard Toys’ new board games for the preschool crowd include…

Alphabet Match, a game of pairing puzzle pieces.

Alphabet Match

Farmyard Friends, where children match animal pieces to the farm scenes in which they belong.

Farmyard Friends

Pirate Race Game, an interesting combination of roll-and-move and memory game. As players move their pirate pieces around the board, they pick up cards matching the colors of space on which they land. The goal is to use the cards to complete a picture. A player that lands on a red-x space, however, gets to choose from any of the face-down cards.

Pirate Race Game

Rockets and Comets, which though it’s just Snakes & Ladders with a space theme, looks really cool! [Apparently, all it takes to hook me is a few spaceships.]

Rockets and Comets

New Baby Lotto, a matching game to prepare children for the arrival of a younger sibling.

New Baby Lotto