Licensing Roundup

The Hunger GamesFor the 50th anniversary of the original series Star Trek, CBS has licensed Gale Force 9 to produce hobby games, USAopoly for board games, and Spin Master for RC vehicles.

Pressman has the game license for Powerpuff Girls. Spin Master has the master toy license.

According to a press release from Rovio, the game license for the upcoming Angry Birds movie went to Hasbro, yet at Toy Fair, I saw a game at Spin Master and none at Hasbo.

Jumbo has a license to produce Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice games in Europe.

Netflix has ordered a Stretch Armstrong series from Hasbro Studios.

River Horse is working on a board game based on The Hunger Games. WizKids used to have that license.

There will be a Master of Orion board game from Hobby World.

Winning Moves UK has a new Midsomer Murders Cluedo.

Mattel has taken over the Halo toy and figure license.

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Toy Fair 2015—Pressman


While part of the Goliath family now, Pressman is still being maintained as a separate brand. And it’s products are distinct enough that I thought they deserved their own report.

In terms of new products, Pressman has a license for Shopkins games. Out already is Shopkins Pop ‘N’ Race, with Shopkins Supermarket Scramble ($20) following soon. The former is a version of Trouble, the latter a simple spin-and-move game of collecting characters from each section of the grocery store.

Other than that, Pressman is bringing back some out of print titles.

Lucky Ducks (fall, $24), formerly a Milton Bradley title, is a cute matching memory game with a little added challenge. The plastic ducks, on the bottom of which the various shapes are printed, are constantly in motion, circling around the board.

Wheel of Fortune ($20) returns for a fourth edition in the fall with 90 puzzles included.

And for the game’s 50th anniversary, there will be Tri-ominos Junior (summer, $15). What makes it kid-friendly is the inclusion of some wild-card pieces and the addition of colors corresponding to the matching numbers.

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Goliath Acquiring Pressman

GoliathGoliath Games is acquiring Pressman Toy. In an interview with Chicago Toy & Game, Adi Golad of Goliath said:

One of Goliath’s main goals is to create global brands and now we share several great brands with Pressman… By combining our companies we can now invest more in both expanded products and promotion than ever before.

The move comes just 2 months after Goliath’s investment in another family-owned company, Crown & Andrews of Australia.

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From Pressman Toy, just released are two How to Train Your Dragon 2 games…

There’s the Sheep Launcher Game, which has players catapulting sheep tokens while keeping score with dragon figures.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Sheep Launcher Game

And a Pop N Race Game:

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Pop N Race Game

From Wonder Forge, there’s a Matching Game.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 Matching Game

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