Primal Dawn Logo (final)The latest set for HEX: Shards of Fate, Primal Dawn, has been released.  With it comes 325 new cards, 105 new items, 7 special sleeves, 6 extra heroes, a new tournament format and the new “Empower” ability. Activating this ability doubles all of a card’s values – including the resource costs, attack and defense stats, as well as the card text effects themselves.

The new progressive gauntlet PvP mode “Evolving Sealed Gauntlet” allows players to put their decks together from a pool of common and uncommon cards plus booster packs. After the first and third victories, players receive an extra booster pack to expand their existing decks.

New Heroes include Morgan McBombus, who can summon a Bumblebot directly to the playing field, and Raven Talon, who gains one health whenever a troop is played.

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