Reaper 25th Anniversary Miniatures

This year marks the 25th anniversary for Reaper Miniatures. In celebration, the company is producing a special series of figures and giving them away to customers—one figure for every $40 ordered direct.

A new figure in the series will be revealed each month. The one for February is a reimagined Domur, High Mage from the Dark Heaven Legends line.


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Pumpkin Minions

New in Reaper Miniatures’ Dark Heaven Legends line is this set of three pumpkin-headed creatures ($15). In or out of character, they’d scare me off.

Reaper Pumpkin Minions

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Tau KV128 StormsurgeBased entirely on what looks cool to me…

For Warhammer 40,000, the KV128 Stormsurge ($150) from Games Workshop holds two Tau crew and features ball-and-socket joints for a range of posing options.

From Privateer Press, the gargantuan Trollbloods Glacier King ($135, November) for Hordes freezes lakes, streams, and enemies with its passing. The heavy warjack Hand of Judgement ($60, December) for Warmachine wields an immolator cannon and mace for the Protectorate of Menoth.

Hordes Trollbloods Glacier King Warmachine Hand of Judgement

Among the Wyrd Miniatures releases for Malifaux 2nd Edition, there’s the pre-colored Swamp Cottage ($21) and the gun-toting Abuela Ortega ($16) in steam-powered wheelchair.

Malifaux Abuela Ortega

Malifaux Swamp Cottage

Gale Force Nine’s resin minis for the Dungeons & Dragons Rage of Demons campaign includes a five-piece Orcus figure ($75) seated on a throne of bones.

GF9 Orcus

In Reaper Miniatures’ Dark Heavens series there’s a new Temple Dragon ($33).

Reaper Temple Dragon

And for a very limited time, Reaper’s Bonesylvanian series includes the better-look-at-the-pictures-than-have-me-describe-them Jacques ($8), Howie ($8), and Lou ($11).

Reaper Bonesylvanian Lou Reaper Bonesylvanian Howie Reaper Bonesylvanian Jacques

Spartan Games adds two new forces to Firestorm Armada this month, including a Terquai Dreadnought Group (£25) and a Xelocian Imperium Dreadnought Group (£25).

Terquai Dreadnought Group Xelocian Imperium Dreadnought Group

And last-but-not-least, Dark Sword Miniatures recently released a Cat Paladin ($10).

Cat Paladin

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Dale-of-Merchants-contentsReaper Miniatures launched their third Kickstarter campaign for their Bones miniature line this morning. The Texas-based company originally held their first campaign for the miniatures in August of 2012, raising nearly $3.5 million to fund the miniature molds and move production of the line from China to the United States. The first campaign’s Vampire level at $100 originally included 100 miniatures but stretch goals took that over 225 miniatures. (I still have only a third painted!) Bones 3 is only running for 18 days, ending on July 25th at 8 PM EDT.

Dale of Merchants: The Guild of Extraordinary Traders by Snowdale Design (above) looks crazy cute. This deckbuilder has the players taking on the roles of animal (why? because.) merchants setting up stalls in a marketplace to showcase their wares and join the guild. The playthrough videos and artwork shared look fun (the campaign features a series of Rahdo Runs Through videos for you to check out). Game-level rewards start at $24. The campaign ends on July 31st.

map-throne-room-smallOn Patreon, Dyson Logos is creating cartography for fantasy roleplaying games. With pledge levels starting as low as five cents, it’s easy to support this mapmaker. All of his maps are available for free at his blog, Dyson’s Dodecahedron, but pledging $1 per map or adventure gets you 300 dpi versions of the maps before they make it to the blog. A $5 per work pledge unlocks the PDF versions of any forthcoming book and the Dyson’s Delves I & II books. Dyson’s stuff is really fantastic. (Currently, the Patreon is just under $25 in pledges from unlocking another milestone: releasing the back catalog of maps under a commercial open-license.)

Oh man, I do love me some fantastic playing cards, and this month there’s some great-looking ones on Kickstarter. Let’s start with the Wasteland 2-inspired Wasteland Playing Cards, illustrated by Jackson Robinson. This has already blown past the funding goal and will be funded on July 31st. $12 for the basic deck of cards ready for the Apocalypse (seriously — I’d love to find a way to hack the Apocalypse World RPG to use this card set). Or perhaps you’re a fan of the golden age of piracy? Well, in that case, check out the Seven Seas Master Collection by Brain Vessel Creative. Pirates, sea creatures, and two different ship-themed decks await, with individual decks starting at $12.

z-in-game-playAnd look what I just stumbled across! 9 Kingdoms Publications are in their final days of a Kickstarter campaign to produce an expansion to ApocalypZe. (That’s the original game on the right.) You might recall a while back I reviewed the zombie survival card game (tl;dr: it’s pretty darn good). The original game came with pre-constructed decks and extra cards to build out your own deck. This expansion adds two more decks and six additional cards, and they’ve revisited the graphic design of the cards so they’re easier to read. In addition to the expansion, they also have booster packs to beef up your decks on offer. $25 gets you the expansion, the base game (plus the extra stuff from that game’s KS) is a $40 add-on. Or just go $75 for everything (base, expansion, and boosters).

dragonsdontshareWhile I love playing miniatures games, I’m not the best at painting them. A set like Reaper Miniature’s  Bones: Dark Heaven Legends Fantasy: Dragons Don’t Share make me wish I was a better man.

Clocking in at $75, this is a miniature diorama of excellent proportions. The set hits shelves on March 16th, so I don’t have much time to brush up on my skills.


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REM03682New minis from Reaper Miniatures will be hitting shelves on November 17th. Additions to the Dark Heaven Legends, Chronoscope, and Pathfinder lines are as follows:

  • Dark Heaven Legends: Willow Greenivy, Witch – $5.99 MSRP
  • Dark Heaven Legends: Coffin – $7.99 MSRP
  • Chronoscope: Rudd Starslider, Space Smuggler – $6.29 MSRP
  • Pathfinder: Hestrig Orlov – $6.79 MSRP
  • Pathfinder: Kagur Blacklion – $7.29 MSRP
  • Pathfinder: Hosilla – $5.99 MSRP

All miniatures are unassembled and unpainted, and contain the excellent detail you’d expect from Reaper.

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Numenera Miniatures

Reaper Minis launches a series of figures for Monty Cook Games’ Numenera RPG on June 16th. The metal miniatures will retail for $6-7 each.

Reaper Numenera 1Reaper Numenera 2Reaper Numenera 3

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bonesReaper Miniatures launched a second Kickstarter with their Bones miniature line, being fully funded within three minutes of launch.

Reaper’s Bones line is a plastic line of miniatures. In August of 2012, the company ended a campaign to create new miniature molds based off of existing metal miniatures and ones created specifically for the Bones line, overfunding their goal by 11,430%, generating $3.43 million, making it the most funded non-video game related Kickstarter as of October 2013. The 2012 Bones campaign is currently the seventh-most funded campaign on Kickstarter. Bones II will be funded on Saturday, October 26.

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A Fox Robin Hood and Mice in Space

I’m a sucker for creature minis.

Dark Sword has a new fox Robin Hood, red squirrel Will Scarlet, and Frothy UK Badger.

But this takes the cake, Reaper Miniatures’ Space Mouslings: Terror on Planet X:

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