200pixel ATG2 cover page“Guthrums back!
And this time he’s bringing 5,000 spear Danes to Wareham.”

Alfred the Great: War in the West Country 876AD is the second game in a series that takes place in the “what-if?” scenario of the great Viking fleet not being sunk by the great storm at Swanage. Red King Games is selling the game for print-and-play for only $7.50 over at Wargame Downloads.

You can snag a free demo of the game to give it a shot before committing to a purchase, but at $7.50 you may as well just pull the trigger if you’re interested.

alfredNew from Red King Games, Alfred the Great: The Great Heathen Army 871AD is a war game set in 871AD where the indomitable Alfred the Great is set to do battle with the Vikings of the Great Heathen Army.

The game’s complexity level is low, and can be completed in 1-2 hours. Available in two different print-and-play formats (just the rules, or the rules with counters included), the price is super affordable. The version where you must provide your own miniatures and counters is $4.50, while the version with printable counters is $7.50.