Despite an unexpected delay of more than a few months, 7 Wonders: Babel is still a much sought after expansion of the draft-based card game. Serving as the 4th installment of seven planned ones, 7 Wonders: Babel would not include any new wonder boards, but would inject two new elements, namely laws and taxes, into the base game and its previous expansions.

With the introduction of taxes, players need to be obedient to avoid being punished. At the start of each age, a law card is revealed to indicate the card color that would be taxed in the age, with tokens equal to the number of players placed on the law card itself. A token would be obtained whenever a player pays taxes; when the age ends, those who do not own a token, i.e. those who refused to obey the law, would need to bear their own consequences.

According to game designer Antoine Bauza, 7 Wonders: Babel is expected to be available at Essen 2014, which takes place October 16 – 19.

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