Making their way in to retail over the next month from Breaking Games are Rise of Tribes and Expancity.

Rise of Tribes ($50 + $25 for a deluxe component upgrade) is a somewhat abstracted civilization building game that plays in about an hour. Four actions are always available on a person’s turn: grow, move, gather, and lead. But how effective those actions would be are determined by dice rolled by the player at the beginning of their turn, as well as dice held over from previous players’ turns. Points are scored by completing goal cards and building villages. The first to 15 is the winner.

Expancity ($60) is a city building game with a striking table presence. Players add tiles to the city both as locations for new buildings and as modifiers for adjacent buildings. The buildings are made by stacking plastic pieces vertically and then capping them off to score. The result is a table that looks like a downtown area packed with high-rises.

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