We need to talk about my favorite game I saw at Toy Fair New York 2017.

I love hard, crunchy games that have a lot of pieces and elements that take a whole afternoon to play. I love some light and fluffy games that take fifteen minutes to play. I like games of all sorts, except those games I was forced to play when I was a kid. You know, back when there were only four or five games in the world and every family had them. Games like Monopoly. Scrabble. And pretty much everything this manufacturer offers.

But I want everything WS Game Company has to offer this year. Especially this.

My favorite game at Toy Fair was an edition of Monopoly.

Look at this Monopoly Miami Edition game, featuring the art of Romero Britto. It’s…beautiful.

It’s limited to 2000 copies.

It’s available on April 15th.

It’s five hundred dollars.

WS Game Company — formerly Winning Solutions — had two of these on display, one set up as if in the middle of a game state, and one mounted and framed on the wall like a piece of art. Oh, I would love that mounted version hung in my living room.

Each limited edition piece is numbered and signed by the artist, and includes a wooden frame and glass top. Foil and glitter adorn the vibrant artwork inspired by Britto’s adopted home of Miami. The card and money elements are redesigned for the edition as are the die cast player tokens.

This is, in short, an amazing piece of art.

Oh, and yes, this wasn’t the only amazing thing at WS’s booth this year. We’ll post more insanely gorgeous editions of games you remember from your childhood — or perhaps love today — in the next few days.

A copy of Monopoly Miami Edition featuring the artistry of Romero Britto was not provided free for review by WS Game Company, but we wish it was.

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