Previously raised over 200,000CAD on Kickstarter, Steampunk Rally is a racing strategy game of card drafting and unique dice placement. On the racetrack in the Swiss Alps, players can take on the roles of the world’s greatest inventors in history – such as Einstein, Edison and the Wright Brothers – and compete to be the first to have their invention crosses the finish line. With 40 Boost cards that feature secret information, huge comebacks that ‘remove the feeling of hopelessness’ could be expected.

Current Component List:

  • 108 Dice
  • 40 Cog tokens
  • 16 Inventor cards
  • 16 Inventor character tiles
  • 16 starting Machine Part cards
  • 136 Machine Part cards
  • 40 Boost cards
  • 1 full color rulebook

Steampunk Rally plays 2 to 8 players in 45 to 60 minutes. Pre-order price $64.99, expected shipping August 2015.

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