What has a thousand fins, a million teeth, and comes in a cardboard box?

That’s the flavor text on the Devious Devices website topping the announcement of the upcoming Sharknado: The Board Game. Working with The Asylum and SyFy, Devious Devices will be Kickstarting the game soon, with the intention of actually getting the game in people’s hands this year. They really have no real information on the game just yet other than the fact that you can expect to see everything you love from the horrible movie in the game.

Being one of the few people I know of that hasn’t seen the movie, I can’t get too excited. Then again, it’s a game about sharks flying out of tornadoes and being cut in half with chainsaws. Show me some awesome minis and I may become a believer.

You can be sure that if this is a hit, we’ll see sequel after sequel as either new games, or expansions. Sharknado never ends.

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