Shuffle Twister and Shuffle Subbuteo

Subbuteo ShuffleCartamundi has two new entries in its Shuffle line of app-enhanced card games. Shuffle Subbuteo is an adaptation of the tabletop flicking football (A.K.A. soccer) game in which the trick is timing card-play to beat the opponents goalie. The optional app features a scoreboard timer and stadium sound-effects.

In Shuffle Twister, players choose a card with a colored dot and then must follow the card’s instruction. Even picking a card becomes more difficult, though, as the players are further tied up in knots. The optional Shuffle Twister app adds more silliness to the game by randomly assigning additional actions.


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Disaster Preparedness Games

Gura Gura TownNPO plus Arts of Japan makes disaster preparedness games for the organization’s education and outreach efforts. Shuffle is a card game that teaches children to what actions (such as dialing the emergency telephone number and using the fire extinguisher) to take in what order. Gura Gura Town is a version of Snakes and Ladders focused on proper shopping for disaster preparation.

[via Manila Standard Today]

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