Cuba_SlipCover_v1Three new releases from Victory Point Games span an interesting set of conflicts.

Cuba: The Splendid Little War takes a strategic look at the Cuban War of Independence (which in its final days became the Spanish-American War). The game includes a province level map and action cards based on historical events. Both Spanish and Cuban sides must balance resource management with efforts to achieve strategic objectives.

Focusing on the first 3½ days of the World War II Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes Forest, 6th Panzer Army is a hex-and-counter war game at the operational level.

Sign of the Pagan by Richard Berg is a tactical-level recreation of the Battle of the Catalaunian Fields, where in 451 Roman forces with Visigoth allies brought to a halt Attila the Hun’s advance in to Western Europe. Sign of the Pagan uses Contingent Activation Markers to balance the activity of different forces in the game based on historical assessments.

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