SimplyFun’s two latest are all about feeding the animals.

In the Reiner Knizia-designed dexterity game, Feats of Cheese ($30), players stack plastic cheese wedges and wood mice discs on three separate pegs. When a stack falls, each player scores points equal to the number of their discs times the number of cheese wedges matching the color of the underlying peg.

In Tempting Treats ($29), the players’ goal is to draw the cats to their side of the game board. Each round, players reveal treat cards at the same time and then the one with the highest number moves the cat in their direction.


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2017 Mensa Select Winners

At the Mensa Mind Games this past weekend in the Virginia suburbs outside Washington, DC, member judges played through and selected the following games as 2017 Mensa Select winners:

Amalgam from Simply Fun—A game in which the players, as wizards, try to collect sets of potion ingredients but have to rely on their memories of the ingredients they’ve already collected.

Around the World in 80 Days from Iello Games—A Spiel des Jahres winner from years ago (Hare & Tortoise), reproduced based on the Jules Verne novel. Players race around the board, moving forward and back as they wish. However, they must carefully plan to arrive back in London with the least amount of cash left in hand.

Clank! from Renegade Game Studio—A dungeon delve fantasy adventure game built on deck-building mechanisms.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle from USAopoly—Another deck-building game, this one follows the novels with a series of cooperative games that get more complex and more difficult to beat as they progress.

Imagine from Gamewright—A party game where the giver-of-clues chooses an item from a card and then tries to illustrate the item by combining images and symbols with an overlay of transparent cards.

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simply_fun_logoSimplyFun, the board game publisher that distributes exclusively through direct sale agents, is expanding its repertoire to include online parties.  Virtual Laugh & Learn events will feature interactive game recommendation tools, as well as informational videos, chat capabilities, wish lists, and quizzes.

SimplyFun’s portfolio includes over 90 different games, mostly family and educational titles.

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