Goliath’s products are always good for a few laughs and leading in that role this year was Who Tooted? (fall, $24). A game about farting—complete with whoopee cushion buzzers and electronic sound effects—you know it’ll be a hit with the 6-12 year old set.

Really more of an aid in performing magic tricks, there’s also Magic Mindreader (fall, $20). It’s an interactive plastic skull that can do such things as guess the card a person picked or lead participants through simple number tricks.

Sands Alive! (fall, $15) is a game played in a mini sandbox. Players draw cards that allow them to build certain structures in an effort to connect one side of the box with the opposite side.

In Fool the Frog (fall, $24) one player wears a mask of frog eyes that open and close at random intervals, while the other players pass back-and-forth a fly. The frog player, then, tries to guess who’s holding the fly.

Slap (fall, $24) is a trick trivia game with a special device to figure out who gave the first answer. It’s trick trivia because questions are designed to confuse players (for example, “What does a cow drink?”). And the device works because the players have to write their answers on the end of its spring-loaded arms, and then when they let go, the arms slap down on top of each other in to the center.

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