Gen Con 2018—Gamewright

At Gen Con, Gamewright debuted Forbidden Sky ($40), a much-anticipated sequel to Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert. Also a cooperative game, Forbidden Sky is set on a platform floating in a storm. While the winds blow their pawns about, the players must construct a circuit to bring power from lightning rods to an escape rocket. The game is electrified, the circuit is real, and the rocket lights up when the players succeed.

Other recent additions to the Gamewright’s lineup include Sneaky Cards 2 ($10), with more actions to play on the street and with strangers, This Game Goes to Eleven ($15, Target exclusive), a family game of sticking others with your cards, and Trash Pandas ($13), a push-your-luck game, where the players are raccoons collecting scraps from garbage cans.

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Sneaky Cards

Sneaky CardsSneaky Cards is a social action game suitable for large gatherings such as conferences, team-building events, and family reunions. Designed to encourage interaction, the game is based on a set of cards, each featuring a distinct challenge.

Your OBJECTIVE: Treat someone to a drink. Give them this card along with their drink.

Your OBJECTIVE: Convince a stranger to trade something for this card. It can be anything—a hug, a map, or something else. Be creative.

Everyone starts with a few cards and the same ultimate goal: to get rid of them.

Sneaky Cards can be downloaded and printed for free. While the concept was initiated by designer, Harry Lee, many of the individual cards were crowdsourced on Reddit.