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Talisman The Horus HeresyNomad Games is making a Warhammer 40,000 version of Talisman Digital (PC and Mac). With Talisman: The Horus Heresy, the game is scaled up so that players are competing for control of the galaxy. It’ll feature both against-AI and online multiplayer modes at release next month.

Another 40K game, Space Hulk, is seeing release on Nintendo Wii U courtesy of HR Games.

Accentuate, the game of imitating and guessing different accents, now has an iOS version. Keep in mind, though, that the app doesn’t speak; it’s just providing quote and accent cards, so you can play on-the-go.

Square Shooters, the dice as playing cards game, is being developed as a free-to-play mobile app. A version for online casinos is also planned. Development is being performed by students at the Cleveland Institute of Art as a class project.

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Crowdfunding Highlights

Holy cow, I’ve got to learn woodworking and leathercrafting or just get at least $70 together and buy one of these awesome spellbook gaming boxes from Elder Wood. Look at that image below! Oh my goodness! Foam inserts for cards, dice, minis, and more? A reflective surface for use as a dry erase board? The project has already been funded, so follow this link to their kickstarter with your disposable income.


Skip Trace, a party game about bounty hunters featured on Tabletop Deathmatch, is in the final days of a Kickstarter campaign. The boss throws down three cards: an Objective (“Quietly take out…”), a Target (“…delusional cosplayer…”), and a Location (“…at the DMV”). Other players, the hunters, play item cards (“Definitely Not Poison”, “Anime Body Pillow”, and “Enough Legos to Build What You Want.”) to explain how they would accomplish the mission. Back at the $25 level and they’ll send you a goofy fun murder laughfest in a few months.

Hey, whoa, Dice of the Dead? Didn’t I pick up a set of these at Gen Con a few years back? Oh, Battle Bunker Games is making a third set of Zombie-themed six-siders! So a short review time: the set I have are really neat with a biohazard symbol or zombie silhouette on the 6 side of the 16mm die. They’re as good as any of the Chessex six-siders. (I have a feeling that they were custom-made Chessex dice.) This version is purple and silver with four designs (zombie hand, tombstone, skull/brains, and blood splatter) on the six. $15 gets you eight zombie-themed dice.

argoAlthough I don’t have a favorite game designer, I seem to own (and regularly play) a lot of Bruno Faidutti-designed games. So when I stumbled across Burno Faidutti and Serge Larget’s Argo on Kickstarter, I was surprised it wasn’t already funded! UPDATE: Apparently, so were Flatlined Games, who have just cancelled the funding campaign to “reboot it with a better suited
pledge and stretch goals.” They’ll keep us in the loop when Argo returns to Kickstarter. Now, back to the game snapshot already in progress. Here’s the deal: you control a bunch of astronauts, awakened from cold storage, and you’ve got to get off the ship. Because of aliens. But just like the movie Alien, where there were a lot of people in the Nostromo’s crew, the escape pod won’t hold them all. The modular board will have thick, debossed tiles (think Space Hulk) and has been upgraded to include miniatures. Pledge 30 Euros to Flatlined Games (with local shipping options in US, Canada, most of Europe), and you can get your own copy.

The Delta Green RPG is being updated as standalone game and the funding campaign has just over a week left. Take your Cthulhu mythos, move it from the 1920s to the War on Terror, and throw it against an off-the-books government operation charged with stopping the apocalypse and you’ve got Delta Green.  $50 gets you the basic game (or the 1960’s Fall of Delta Green game), and look at all those add-ons and extras, but not too long or you’ll go insane. Geez, as I’m writing this, Arc Dream Publishing just went and hit another stretch goal!


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Games Workshop is bringing back Space Hulk, the company’s Warhammer 40,000 board game. Like the last time, this is supposed to be a limited edition. And in fact, the product will be almost exactly like it was the last time, with the same number of miniatures and other components, only with two more scenarios.

Space Hulk preorders will ship September 20th. Retail price: £75/$125.

Space Hulk 2014

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