Upper Deck’s Legendary deck-building game is getting a digital version (iOS, Android, and Steam). Legendary DXP will feature a new fantasy setting, solo and match play, and a “gauntlet” mode for 5-player competitions and weekly leagues.

Magic: The Gathering is also due for a new digital version, this time in the form of a MMORPG from Cryptic Studios.

Codename Entertainment has licensed Dungeons & Dragons for a clicker game, Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. The game will take players on a quest through the Sword Coast region and will feature at launch two characters from the Force Grey streaming series. Updates and additional features, including a tie-in to the Tomb of Annihilation, are scheduled to occur monthly.

For the hard-core board gamer, the Board Game Stats app, useful for tracking one’s collection and logging games played, is now available on Android.

Ports of solitaire favorite Friday are now available on Android and iOS.

Race for the Galaxy, already available on Android and iOS, is now also good on PC via Steam ($7). It can be played against AI or cross-platform multiplayer. Both the Gathering Storm and Rebel vs Imperium expansions are available as add-ons at $4 each.

Asmodee Digital has launched Spot It! on mobile as Spot It! Duel: A Dobble Game (Android and iOS). In this digital form, as players progress through various arenas, they collect Dobble characters, who convey special powers. Spot It! Duel is free-to-play, with in-app purchases.

The Renegade Games Companion App has been upgraded with support for Clank! Sunken Treasures. And another game from Renegade has been announced by Dire Wolf Digital. Lotus, the game about assembling flowers from individual petals, is due on Android and iOS later this summer.

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Boards to Bytes


Spiel des Jahres winner, Colt Express, is going digital and should be available next month on iOS, Android, and PC via Steam. Asmodee is working with Frima Studios on the title, which is reported to go beyond a simple port. Among the enhancements, six new playable characters are included, each with unique backstories (told in unlockable graphic novel chapters), as well as custom skills and objectives. The game will also include a story mode for variations on game-play. Online multiplayer will be available at launch.

spot-it-dobble-challengesOn another title Asmodee is working with Virtuos Studios to develop Spot It! Dobble Challenges, a mobile version of the tabletop game alternately known as Spot It! and Dobble. The digital version of the game will add special player powers and the ability to build some sort of combos.

The Red 7 card game is available on Android and iOS.

Flash Point Fire Rescue is heading to PC and mobile sometime in 2017.

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Finding Dory Games

A new Disney Pixar movie means of course lots of opportunities to play along with licensed games at home.

Closest to its inspiration is the Finding Dory See Search Game from Spin Master ($25). The board in this one represents the ocean floor but in order to see what’s there players will have to look through diving goggles with special lenses. After drawing a card, players all at the same time search with their goggles to find the matching symbol.

Finding Dory See Search Game

Spin Master subsidiary Cardinal Industries has a Finding Dory Floor Memory Match Game ($16) and a Finding Dory Pop-Up Game ($15). Also the Finding Dory Shell Collecting Game ($17) in which players use Dory fishing poles to try and grab shells as they snap open and closed while spinning around the pool.

Finding Dory Floor Memory Match Game

Finding Dory Pup-Up Game

Finding Dory Shell Collecting

Hasbro has Finding Dory Guess Who ($15) and Finding Dory Operation ($20). On its way is a Finding Dory Monopoly Junior ($15).

Finding Dory Guess Who

Finding Dory Operation

Also shipping soon is Finding Dory Spot It ($13) from Asmodee.

Finding Dory Spot It

From Mattel there’s Finding Dory Uno ($6).

Finding Dory Uno

Outside the U.S., Ravensburger’s put out Finding Dory Surprise Slides (£12), a spin-and-move game in which sections of the occasionally flip to vary the path. Ravensburger also has a Finding Dory Memory game (£4).

Finding Dory Surprise Slides

Finding Dory Memory Ravensburger

Finding Dory Don’t Wake Hank (£20) from Bandai is a kind-of balance game. The goal is to place pieces on Hank’s tentacles until they collapse.

Finding Dory Don't Wake Hank

More matching games, but appropriately waterproof, are available from Cartamundi, Finding Dory Pairs (£11), and Jumbo, Finding Dory Bath Memo Game.

Finding Dory Pairs

Shopkins Spot It!

Shopkins Spot ItOn the way to retail from Blue Orange Games is Shopkins Spot It!, complete with Kookie Cookie and Lippy Lips. Suggested retail price is $13.

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Spot ItOn Thursday, Asmodee announced that it had acquired the worldwide rights to Spot It!, also known as Dobble. The acquisition represents a consolidation of rights previously held by Divertis Properties Group, Play Factory, and Blue Orange Games.

Spot It! is a game that’s quite simple and fun to play. The idea is to find the one and only one pair of matching images on any two cards. Yet this simple formula has been very profitable for the game’s publishers. According to Asmodee, 7.7 million copies of Spot It! and Dobble have been sold worldwide. Divertis has stated that as of last year, sales had totaled $91 million since 2009.

Before the acquisition, Divertis and its subsidiary, Play Factory, owned the game. Blue Orange was licensed to produce and distribute it in the United States and English-speaking parts of Canada. Elsewhere distribution was through Asmodee.

The acquisition of Spot It! should allow Asmodee to consolidate the game’s diverging product lines and international distribution, as well as pursue a Spot It! app for mobile devices. The announcement quoted Stéphane Carville, Chairman of Asmodee Group, as saying:

We have big ambitions for this game in North America, particularly in its digital version.

Certainly the move makes sense for Asmodee, a company that’s been in acquisition mode recently. But there’s more to this story. Another driver of the consolidation appears to be the settling of a lawsuit filed by Divertis against Blue Orange.

In August 2014, Divertis filed in U.S. District Court a suit against Blue Orange Games for violation of copyright and trademark rights [PDF], seeking a court order to stop any further sales of Spot It! by Blue Orange. In fact, the suit was an effort to enforce in the United States the judgement of a French court that terminated Blue Orange’s license and required it to pay Divertis €70,000 in penalties and legal fees and approximately €500,000 in royalties. Divertis’s complaint alleged that Blue Orange violated its license agreement by registering unauthorized copyrights, failing to pay royalties, removing Play Factory’s name from the packaging, and sublicensing the game to Disney without permission. As of March (when the judge in the case refused Divertis’ request for a preliminary injunction) the lawsuit was ongoing.

Asmodee declined to comment when I reached out to them. However, I think it’s fair to assume that the company would not move forward with the acquisition if rights issues remained in question. The announcement quoted Jean François Andréani, Chairman of Divertis Properties Group:

Turning Spot It! over to Asmodee is certainly the best option for accelerating consolidation and development of the game on a worldwide level and taking the lead in market share in the process.

Thierry Denoual, Chairman of Blue Orange, also said:

It makes sense that we divest the business over to Asmodee Group, which has all the strengths needed to enable Spot It!/Dobble to the long term leadership in the card game market.

In fact, I would suggest that settling the suit and consolidating the rights in one organization should allow Asmodee to take an already very successful product even further.

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Super Genius

Super Genius AdditionSuper Genius is Blue Orange’s new series of educational card games based on the Spot It principle. On any pair of question and answer cards there is one and only one matching set of images. For example, on the cards from the Addition set below, only one problem on the one card has a correct solution on the other card.

Besides the Addition set, there are Super Genius card sets for First Words, Reading 1, Reading 2, and Multiplication. MSRP for each is $13.

Super Genius Addition Sample

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