Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.Spy Alley Partners LLP contacted me shortly after Toy Fair this year and offered to send me their Spy Alley family of games to review. The games, Spy Alley, Spy Alley Junior, and the Spy Alley Dice Game, all have the same theme of trying to guess the hidden identity of the other players before yours is figured out. Each game is exceedingly simple to play, and in my opinion, a bit boring. The worst of all being the Spy Alley Dice game, which almost feels broken.

Not wanted to pass judgement before giving the games their due, I made sure to play with each of my kids (minus the baby, of course) to see how they liked each one. Spy Alley Spy Alley GameSpy Alley was worth a few minutes of fun with them, but they really disliked Spy Alley Junior and the Dice Game, saying that the original game was easy enough as it was. It wasn’t long before they were asking for different games to play.

To be fair, these games are targeted to a more mass market audience, and my children have grown up playing just about everything that’s come across our doorstep. Then again, there’s plenty of mass market targeted games that they really enjoy.

There’s really not much more I can say about these games than I recommend you steer clear of them. There’s better stuff out there to spend your money on.

Copies of each title were provided free for review by Spy Alley Partners LLP.

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