Star Wars Edge of the Empire Core RulebookAfter much anticipation and a bit of delay, Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Edge of the Empire roleplaying game has hit retail, along with a couple of accessories. Edge of the Empire is to be the first of three independent but fully compatible core rulebooks, this one focusing on the fringe elements of society, including smugglers, bounty hunters, criminals, and explorers.

Also differentiating Edge of the Empire is the Obligation mechanic. Determining obligation—whether indebtedness to a criminal organization, commitment to a family member, or something else—is one of the first steps of character creation and sets the character’s initial level of experience. Obligation can also be taken on during the game for immediate rewards.

Though not a particular focus in this first Star Wars game, the Force isn’t ignored either. Players have the ability to create Force-sensitive characters, with the possibility of later developing them in to full Jedi. The rules for that will be found in the third installment, Force & Destiny.

The second game of the Star Wars RPG line will be Age of Rebellion, focusing on the military revolt against the Empire.

In addition to the Edge of the Empire core rulebook, also now available are the Game Master’s Kit (which includes a GM screen and adventure module) and a set of special Star Wars RPG dice.

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