Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.Back in November I had posted about the release of Asmodee’s Mysterium in the digital realm. I’ve had some time to play the game, and I’m more than impressed!

Let me start off by saying that I had never played Mysterium until recently, so I wasn’t familiar with how great of a game it already way. Asmodee Digital made sure that even complete novices can jump right into the game with a story mode that introduces the elements of play a bit at a time. That, combined with an excellent interface, really makes playing Mysterium a pleasure. Another note here is that I’m playing the PC version through Steam. I haven’t tried the iOS or Android versions of the game.

For those who aren’t familiar with Mysterium is has players taking the role of psychics trying to figure out the person, place, and weapon used to kill the ghost player, who also player controlled. The ghost player can give hints through abstract artwork and the other players have to make their best guesses. Once all the psychics have guessed correctly (each has a different set of “correct” answers) then all the players try to figure out which combination is the correct one with a final round and paintings. It’s a clever game that feels like a mixture of Clue and Dixit.

The digital version of Mysterium let’s you play on either side, though the Story mode dictates what side you play on as it progresses. As with many other table-to-digital games, there’s the usual multiplayer options available to play locally or online, and leader boards to compare yourself to other players.

The Steam version of the game is $9.99 and I highly recommend it. I’ve become a bit addicted to the game, which is part of the reason my review of it is going up later than it should have. If you’d rather carry around the game in your pocket you can snag the iOS and Android versions for $6.99. As of this time you can also grab the Potions expansion for the mobile versions, but not the Steam version.

A Steam copy of Mysterium was provided free for review by Asmodee Digital

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Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.Back in November, I had posted about the digital release of Colt Express for Steam, Android, and iOS. I finally got a chance to sit down and give the Steam version a try and put it through its paces.

What hit me right off the bat was how thematic the digital port is. Just like the tabletop version, the digital version is just oozing with that western train robbery theme. Initially, you’re brought into the tutorial which pretty much covers anything you need to know about playing the game, all while getting you familiarized with the interface and how things work. Everything is extremely streamlined and easy-to-follow.

Colt Express gives you pretty much what you’d expect in a digital tabletop port. You can play the game against other people, play online, and play against the computer in Classic Mode. What really makes the game shine is its Story Mode, a single player campaign with 6 playable characters and over 30 different missions. It’s a bit more rewarding that just playing the game over and over with bots.

It seems that digital tabletop adaptations are getting better and better, and Colt Express really shines. It’s certainly not a hastily thrown together port, but a finely crafted, polished game that’s worth every cent. If you’re a fan of Colt Express, there’s no reason for you not to snag this now. If you’ve never played Colt Express, I can’t think of any better way to give the game a shot and familiarize yourself with it.

Colt Express can be purchased on Steam for $9.99, Google Play for $6.99, and iTunes for $6.99.

If you’d like to see how the game actually played, I recently streamed myself through the tutorial.

A Steam copy of Colt Express was provided free for review by Asmodee Digital.


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Smash Up Hits Steam Early Access

headerYou can now snag the Early Access of Smash Up on Steam for free. You’ll have access to the Dinosaurs, Ninjas, and Geeks in the standard version, while you can purchase the Zombies and Aliens separately for $2 each. There’s also a Start Pack for $9 that includes the Zombies and Aliens for now, but will add 4 more factions later once they’re released.

I’m at work right now, so I haven’t had a chance to give this a shot. I’ll make sure I post a bit more once I have a chance to really dig it.

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Dicetiny Full Steam Release


Dicetiny is currently out of Early Release on Steam, and is considered released in full for $14.99. The game is a mash up of paraody and memes set in the fictional world of Middle Board. It’s a cross between a roll-and-move game and a deck builder. Each step along your quest you battle crazy opponents using a deck you’ve constructed as you try to position yourself on the board using the roll of the die.

It took me a bit to get used to, but turned out to be quite entertaining.

You can chcekout more about the game on Fakedice’s site, and can snag the game now on Steam.

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Vampire OverlordDream Reactor has just announced that two new DLC packs are available on Steam for their CCG, Spellweaver. Each $20 pack contains a pre-constructed deck (1 Hero + 60 cards) that’s balanced for play and full of theme. While the cards that come in each pack aren’t new, the DLC packs are meant for players who want to expand their collection quickly and who don’t wish to spend too much time with deck building.

Honestly, while I love Spellweaver, these packs seemed priced a bit high for what you get. Theme decks for physical decks rarely top $12-$13, and in the case of Pokemon, you’re getting both physical cards and the digital deck for Pokemon TCG Online.

If these decks sound like your cup of tea, you can snag each on Steam: Vampire Overlord / Soldier Reverence.


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HEX: Shards of Fate Arrives on Steam

HEX LogoHEX Entertainment and Gameforge are now offering the trading card game HEX: Shards of Fate for PC on Steam. The game is free and available for download in the Steam Store. It’s free-to-play with in-game purchases, like most Digital CCGs. Purchases are not required to complete card collections, they just speed up the process. The game already has an excellent community, and sometimes veterans will give beginners a hand with their card collections.

Gameforge is touting a different approach with HEX, marketing it as a MMOTCG (Massively Multiplayer Online Trading Card Game.) Elements of online RPGs are mixed in with traditional TCG play. HEX: Shards of Fate offers the unique elements of an MMO, such as PvE campaigns, guilds and customisable Champions.

I’ve already installed the client, and will stream my initial plays of the game next week on my Twitch channel.

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indexWant a copy of the recently released Steam version of Twilight Struggle? That’s awesome, because I’ve got one to give away.

There’s a catch. You need to do something for me. You need to comment on this thread. Any comment will do. You also need to spread the work, because I’m not giving this key away unless there’s at least 20 unique comments here.

Sound fair?

Really, even if it doesn’t, it’s your only way to possible win!

EDIT: I forgot to mention. I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday, April 20th, at noon EST. Also, comments are moderated, so if you don’t see yours show up right away, that’s why!

Twilight Struggle Comes to Steam

ss_dac0cff393dacef6785b5df666f9b0d7df21184e.600x338That’s it. Day’s over. Nothing else today can compare to the fact that Twilight Struggle is now out on Steam. One of my favorite games, though hardest to find someone to play with, can now be enjoyed in all its glory in digital form. Thank you, Playdek.

The game is still currently in Beta, so tweaks and fixes are still in store for the port, but the initial buzz I’m hearing is that it’s pretty great.

More to come when I get a chance to play for myself.

Glass Road appThere’s a Call of Cthulhu computer RPG coming in 2017.

Expected sometime this month is a VR version of Reiner Knizia’s Lost Cities card game. When networked head-to-head play is offered (it may not be at launch), the idea is to have head movements tracked so one can see which card an opponent is staring at.

Ubisoft studio, Red Storm Entertainment, is making a VR version of Werewolf where the system will cause a player’s in-game character to move and make hand-gestures based on the position of their head and the tone and volume of their voice.

The Uwe Rosenberg title, Glass Road, is now available on Android and iOS, featuring online play and graphics from the board game version.

Another Uwe Rosenberg title, Patchwork, recently launched on iOS, Android, and Windows PC/Phone.

An unofficial but designer-approved Eminent Domain: Microcosm Scoring app is available on Android.

Sagnithi Systems is seeking support on Steam Greenlight for a computer version of Snakes & Ladders that’s a first-person shooter!

Another board game Greenlight project is for a single-player version of Stratego.

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Spellweaver Giveaway


EDIT: The giveaway is over, and key are being sent out!

For those who aren’t familiar with Spellweaver, it’s a new free-to-play CCG on Steam. Of course, like pretty much all CCGs, you can pay extra for booster packs, boxes, etc…

I’ve got a review of the game going up soon, but for those who want to jump right into it, I’ve got 10 codes to give away, each worth 100,000 in-game gold. That’s $15 worth. All you need to do is comment here, and I’ll pick 10 random people on Monday, March 7th, at noon EST. Make sure to include your email address on the comment form, or I won’t be able to reach you.

Good luck!

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