Warhammer Age of Sigmar

White Dwarf Warhammer Age of SigmarWith tomorrow’s issue #75 of White Dwarf, Games Workshop launches Warhammer Fantasy in to the Age of Sigmar.

An age of eternal warfare where epic armies clash across unimaginably vast realms.

The new era means new rules and a brand new army, the Stormcast Eternals, as well as a new approach for GW. All the rules for Age of Sigmar will be covered in a 4 page pull-out. Warscroll Compendiums, guides that provide backward compatibility for all existing Citadel miniatures, will be available to download for free from the GW web store.

For the new Stormcast Eternals army there will be a $125 starter set that includes a total of 47 miniatures (18 Stormcast Eternals), dice, range rulers, and a background book. In fact, each copy of that White Dwarf will have a free Stormcast Eternals figure attached to the front cover.

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