Paper Money

MattelMattel’s fourth quarter gross sales were 3 percent higher in 2015, absent the impact of currency exchange rates, compared to the same period in the previous year. Full-year gross sales were up 1 percent in constant-currency terms, buoyed by 7 percent growth in Fisher-Price and a 22 percent rise from Hot Wheels. Mattel’s entertainment business, which includes both the digital and tabletop games categories, grew 16 percent.

A recently announced “strategic partnership” will see Stronghold Games handling all English-language games of eggerspiele in North America.

The two Toys “R” Us stores in Ireland are shutting down just 6 months after opening.

Queen Games has begun providing its games direct to distributors in North America, ending its distribution arrangement with Asmodee NA. Queen Games will use Ship Naked for fulfillment, with Hit Point Sales also providing an alternate sales vehicle.

For its part, Asmodee has acquired Nordic and Dutch distributor Bersgala Enigma and is renaming the company to just “Enigma”.

Patch Products of Beloit, Wisconsin has acquired STEM and construction toy company, Roominate. Patch also changed its name to Playmonster.

Spin Master has acquired the Etch A Sketch and Doodle Sketch brands, including all related patents, trademarks, tooling, and inventory, from The Ohio Art Company.

Bay Tek Games has purchased Skee Ball.

Playmore Games of Finland announced the closing of an Angel round of funding with €250,000 from Nolwenture Ltd. and Davigia Ltd. The investment will be used to expand the company’s distribution network for tabletop games, as well as to develop its Dized application for enhancing tabletop games with digital content.

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Survive: Space Attack!

SG2012Coming out in September from Stronghold Games, Survive: Space Attack! combines the familiar play of Survive Escape From Atlantis and combines it with new mechanics and a sci-fi theme. Players try to get their crew members off a space station being attacked by aliens by using life boats, floating through space, or even fighting alien invaders.

My family is a huge fan of Survive, and I’m certain this new game will get them excited for some space escape action. The addition of new types of ships and combat are a huge incentive to give this one a shot.

Survive: Space Attack! will be for 2-4 players and will retail for $49.95. An expansion called The Crew Strikes back will also be available in September for $9.95. The expansion adds new crew members, each with their own special powers.

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127Stronghold 2nd Edition is a 2–4 player game, which tells the story of the siege of a castle. Players take on the roles of either the defenders or attackers with one side defending the stronghold and the other attempting to break into the stronghold through its highly fortified walls as quickly as possible.

Some changes in the second edition include:

• Streamlined rules and enhanced rulebook
• Shorter gameplay, featuring attackers being placed on the board during setup
• Glory Points rules replaced with a more straightforward system of castle defense in 7 rounds
• Improved components, such as a larger game board and new better artwork

Stronghold Games and Portal Games will print Stronghold – 2nd Edition together. Stronghold Games will have worldwide English rights (except Europe) for this game. Portal Games will maintain all other language rights and distribute an English language version in Europe.

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