Ever wonder what it would be like to battle with monstrous, mutated goats? Wonder no more. Clash of the Battle Goats is up on Kickstarter, already funded, and awaiting your cold, hard cash. Compatiable with their previous goat battling game, Gruff, Studio Woe once again brings goats to the front lines in epic combat.

In Clash, each player takes control of a Shepard and 3 Gruffs, then fleshes out there deck with all sorts of power, items, etc… They then go back and forth planning out maneuvers to take out the other Shepard. The trick here is that while you set up your moves and attacks on your turn, the actual attack doesn’t resolve until the next turn. There’s a constant tug-of-war between players as they try to outdo damage done by the other player, while trying to come out on top and cause some damage. It’s nerve wracking, but a lot of fun.

I played Clash with my 10-year-old son, who’s already a seasoned CCG player, and he was as entertained away as I was. Of course he’s now asking for more cards. That’s a pretty good sign in my book.  We’re looking forward to the final copy of the game, and possibly picking up Gruff while we’re at it. Of course if you back the game on Kickstarter at the $75 level, you’ll get Clash, Gruff, and a bunch of other fancy things. Then again, if you just want to keep it simple, you can make sure you get your basic Clash set with a $20 pledge. That’s a seriously good deal.

A prototype copy of Clash of the Battle Goats was provided free for review by Studio Woe.

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