Introduced at the 2015 Game Market Osaka, Criminal Dance: The Poker Game (犯人は踊るポーカー) is a mini deduction game based on the original Criminal Dance (犯人は踊る). The box contains only 5 numbered cards, with each card representing 1) Culprit, 2) Detective, 3) Witness, 4) Bystander and 5) Suspect respectively.

Each player is randomly given a card, and one more card is put face-down on the table. In each round players try to exchange cards with one another and decipher who’s holding which card. After each round, based on the number of the card on the table, the player who’s holding the largest or smallest number is eliminated. The game then continues until the last standing player wins.

Criminal Dance: The Poker Game plays 3 – 4 players in 10 minutes. Currently available in Japanese language only, MSRP 500 Yen.

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