paxeast2There’s a lot of 8-bit inspired board and cards games out there right now, and Super Hazard Quest knows that. What they’re hoping to do is provide you with a play experience that actually feels like and old 8-bit video games. Players will explore explore randomly generated dungeons where they’ll have to complete the right actions to move through the rooms and reach checkpoints. Can’t do it? Back to the start with you. Of course there’ll be enemies along the way. Bosses to. Oh, and the other players.

The SHQ team currently has a Kickstarter campaign going with 15 days left. The game is already funded, so now they’re working on stretch goals. A $25 pledge will get you a copy of the game, while higher levels will get you expansions, and even a prototype of the game right now.

I briefly had a change to see the game at PAX, and got a bit better look at CT FIG. I’ll be interested to really give the game a good sit down and play to see what it’s like with a group. I’m a sucker for the style. Let’s hope I’m a sucker for the gameplay, too.

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