ToyFair15Horizontaltonni-co, LLC was at Toy Fair with TAG: the art game, a game that has all the players creating a collaborate piece of art.

The game is played with a color wheel, cards, dice, and art supplies. The color wheel is spun at the start of the game to dictate what colors will be used when the die is rolled. Gameplay is simple.

  1. Roll the die. Match the number on the color wheel. This is the color you’ll use this turn.
  2. Draw a location card. This will show you where on the paper your art will go.
  3. Draw an action card. This will tell you what to place in the location.
  4. Draw a medium card. This will tell you to either draw, paint, or make a collage.
  5. Play continues until the “Finished?” card is drawn. Players can choose to end the game there, or keep going.

It’s a cool concept, with some really cool results. Their booth was filled with art pieces created by playing the game.

TAG: the art game is available now in several different packages. There’s a full set that includes art supplies for $39.99, an Educational Edition that just has the game components for $19.99, and a Classroom Edition that has 3 sets of the game components for $39.99.