TDCGames1TDC is adding another Hollywood Game Night board game in the spring. Four Letter Words ($20) works just like on the TV show. Teams have to spell out the correct four-letter-word answers to a series of clues. Sounds simple enough, right? Four large letters making up the answer are even handed over to the team with each clue. But not so simple. The team is blindfolded.

Four Letter Words

Another game coming from TDC this spring is Guess-A-Sketch ($25). This one they described as “reverse Pictionary”—drawings are provided.


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Toy Fair 2014—TDC Games

Toy Fair 2014 logoAfter the Campbell’s Alphabet Dice Game, The Game of Baloney, and The Game of Makin’ Bacon, TDC Games’ next food-branded title is The Tootsie Roll Dice Game ($13, available spring). Included in the box are 36 brown dice labeled: “T”, “oo”, “ts”, “ie”, “Ro”, and “ll”. Each player takes six with the goal of being the first to roll a set of combinations displayed on a central card. The one who does gets to keep that card and six cards is a winner.

Besides food games, TDC’s other specialty is suggestive adult party games. (A representative told me that more than 10 million copies of Dirty Minds have been sold in its various editions.) In the last year, the company published a Cards Against Humanity knockoff called, That Dirty Blanking Card Game (featured of course, in an elongated black box). And for 2014, TDC is launching another package of cards, descriptively titled, Four Naughty Party Games ($10, available spring).

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Hollywood Game Night Board Game

Toy Fair 2014 logoA board game based on the NBC television show Hollywood Game Night is being prepped by TDC Games for release in the spring. At this point, the company is estimating a retail price of $20-25.

Hollywood Game Night, the board game, allows players at home to recreate eight of the parlor games featured in the television show’s first season:

  • Take the Hint
  • Lost in Translation
  • Celebrity Fusion
  • How do You Doo?
  • I Love a Charade
  • Smash the Buzzer
  • Celebrity Name Game
  • and one other that I missed, sorry!

The demo unit that I had chance to see at Toy Fair included a sand-timer and two electric buzzers, which made silly noises.

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