You may remember my first preview of The Agents when it first launched on Kickstarter. Since then I’ve acquired the finished version of the game, plus it’s expansions. I’ve enjoyed the hell outta this one, as has my oldest son. The finished product was excellent in every way but one, the packaging. The rules had been polished, the cards beautified, and an already great game was made even better. The expansions that I received with my Kickstarter copy complimented the game very well, without dragging it down. My only real complaint was the terrible packaging I mentioned before. The box of the main set of cards looks great, but is a bit flimsy. Calling the packaging of the expansions flimsy would give them too much credit. Overall, not a huge deal, but I wish more care was taken with it.

Now Saar has launched a Kickstarter for The Agents Return, the next printing of The Agents with a few add-ons and more polishing. There’s new expansions, and new special items like a hardcover rulebook. This print run also boasts upgraded packaging.

If you don’t already have The Agents, or even if you do, this is a project to back. It’s already funded, and already well on its way to unlocking its stretch goals.

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