The Meeple's Republic Speed GamingThe Meeple’s Republic is a “social events company that uses board games as the medium to facilitate interaction.” That is, the company’s founders, Ka and Ashley, love playing games and meeting new people, so they decided to turn it in to a business. And why not?

The Meeple’s Republic will run birthday parties, team-building events, and corporate socials. But the two partners’ specialty seems to be “speed gaming”—lot’s of short games where the real goal is to make as many friends as possible. As the pair explained to Purple Pawn:

It might not be surprising, but our inspiration for “speed gaming” was “speed dating.” We’ve noticed it gaining in popularity, despite it being an awkward, stressful way to meet people (at least according to the people we’ve talked to who have done it). We wanted to offer anyone an easy, fun, no pressure way to meet other people. Board games force interaction and are great ice breakers, thus speed gaming was born.

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