The winner of the Hasbro Gaming Lab Spring 2016 Next Great Game Challenge is “The Plot Thickens” – a collaborative storytelling card game by Brigette Indelicato, Mike Callahan, and Thomas Rochelle of Philadelphia, P.A. Available in three editions, Detective Noir, Sci-Fi, and Romance, players use story cards to tell an improvised narrative and earn “plot points” for every story card used. The team won $25,000 and a trip to Hasbro HQ in Rhode Island to meet with and work with the game development team to help make their game a reality.

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Hasbro Gaming LabDebuting their crowdfunding campaigns live at the Internationale Spieltage game fair in Essen, Germany, the top 5 finalists for Hasbro’s Spring 2016 Next Great Game Challenge are ready for your pledges! The games, with their Indiegogo links, are as follows:

  • Colossal Blob – a family card game where players collect growth cards to become the biggest, baddest blob.
  • Lair – a customizable, fantasy adventure game; Players travel through their opponent’s dungeon in hopes of defeating the evil Dark Lord.
  • The Plot Thickens – a collaborative, storytelling game where players create an intertwining tale.
  • Plank & Rank – a two-player game where players must build a bridge, plank-by-plank, while simultaneously moving their army, rank-by-rank, to the opposite side.
  • On the Slopes – a skiing-themed family-style board game where players race around a mountain to be the first to visit every lodge.

Each game has 25 days left and range from fully-funded to barely-funded.

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