Crowdfunding Highlights

I wonder how many modular-board scenario-based standalone miniature battle games do we really need? If you said, “Just one more, as long as it’s got Bruce Campbell in it,” you’ll be happy to hear about the Evil Dead 2 miniature boardgame that was recently launched. Does it hit all the notes? Early Bird Special that’s already gone: check. Three dozen plus miniatures: check. First ever KS by a company you’ve never heard of before (Space Goat): check. $100+ price tag: che– what? The “deluxe” edition is only $80? Huh. Come get some.

Cryptozoic Entertainment is releasing The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary which is a modular-board scenario-based standalone miniature battle game. Early Bird Special gone: check. Three dozen plus miniatures (68): check. First ever game: nope, it’s Cryptozoic, who has done lots of stuff. $100+ price tag: check — $125. Anyway, this one looks like it has better graphic design than Evil Dead 2. Get your argument battle simulator here.

darknesssabotageMeanwhile in space, Dethrone Games has Darkness Sabotage, a modular-board scenario-based standalone miniature battle game where you’re space pirates fighting demons instead of zombies (not that anyone would call them “zombies”). Early Bird gone: what? Five slots left? Scads of minis: check (46). First ever: kinda — they had another modular-board scenario based standalone miniature battle game that was cancelled. $100+ price tag: It’s right there at $127 CAD. Get your Event Horizon/DOOM/Space Hulk hybrid.

Back in World War 2, Draco Ideas presents 2GM Tactics, a modular-board scenario-based standalone card and token battle game. Set in the European Theater of Operations, this game uses cards and tokens instead of fifteen pounds of plastic to represent the units. Run ’em! Early Bird Pricing All Gone: check. Tons of minis: well, cards and tokens. First Ever Game: nope! $100+ price tag: only $83! Bust some Nazis.


not cahPeople Vs. Politics is Cards Against Humanity, but with forcing uncomfortable political discussions into your circle of friends. “Some people feel our game is offensive and racist. While some of the topics touch on these issues the overall goal is to create dialogue…” with such discussion-starters as “a bigger, blacker Washington Monument”, “going to college for free because you’re 1/18th Indian”, and “anchor babies”. It’s like finding out how racist your uncle is on facebook, but in person.

Last week: Did Pick Your Poison make it? We were looking forward to this Would You Rather… game making it, but nope — it passed 20% of the funding goal before ending.

The Walking Dead Season 6
Ultra PRO has announced plans for a series of game accessories based on the AMC television show, The Walking Dead. Due in September are card sleeves, storage boxes, and playmats. Following in the first quarter of 2017 will be score-keeping counters.

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Mantic Games has announced that they’ll be putting out a licenced The Walking Dead miniatures game titled All Out War in late 2016. The license is for the comic book, and is under Skybound Entertainment. There’s a huge writeup about what’s going on over at the Mantic Blog.

A miniatures game at this level is a no brainer for the world of The Walking Dead, and I’m super excited to see it’s going to be based off the comic. There’s a lot of great material to draw from there.

For those who want to be kept up to date, Mantic has setup a Walking Dead specific newsletter you can subscribe to.

The Walking Dead Board Game

The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense from Cryptozoic Entertainment is a cooperative game based on the television show. Designed for up to four people, this game addresses the main problem of cooperative games by making it part of the design. Each turn, one player takes the position of leader and actually orders the other players where to go. Those other players then have the option of defying the leader but at a cost.

The Walking Dead Board Game The Best Defense

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