The rest of the staff is at Toy Fair New York this frigid weekend and this coming week we’ll be flooded with news from that event. So until then, let’s look at some crowdfunding stuff!

The Cyanide & Happiness folks have created NSFW party game based on their random comics generator. In a world of Apples to Apples derivitaves (and Cards Against Humanity knockoffs), Joking Hazard adds a new twist to the formula. To create a three panel strip, a random panel is drawn from the deck and the judge arranges that with a panel card from their hand. The other players sumbit a final panel for the comic strip. A $25 pledge gets you the base game while ten bucks more gets you an extra fifty-card expansion.


It’s more metal coins! Drawlab is back with their second Legendary Metal Coins campaign with a surprisingly low buy in. About $19 gets you either a set of 24 coins or one of each coin in the lines they’re producing. You’ve got Roman, Egyptian, Spartan, and Viking-themed coins, as well as Cyberpunk coins (which I would think would be a bag full of 0s and 1s) and Cthulhu coins because they use currency in Ry’leh? Honestly, I’d just use them in games as tokens that members of a crazy cult would use to identify each other. There’s also a Units set with coins marked as 1, 3, 5, in an art deco typeface for your non-thematic boardgames. (Plus you can get some of the last campaign’s coins in some pledge levels.)

You really want to play a professional wrestling role-playing game, don’t you? Well, yay, because with Nathan D. Paoletta’s World Wide Wrestling: International Incident campaign on Kickstarter, you can get the base game and this new expansion for just $15! Those of you who play RPGs may have noticed the game as the word “World” in there, and yes, it’s using the Apocalypse World RPG engine to drive all the action in the ring and backstage. LET’S GET READY TO [NOT USE A REGISTERED TRAAAAAAAAADEMAAAAAARK]!


Cool playing card decks grab my attention, and this one — while pretty in its own way — is something that really should be funded. Therapy Decks for Speech and Language by Megan Berg (Slp Insights) are a standard deck of playing cards, but that have large graphics and text to help in speech therapy sessions. Decks include R-blends (words with double or triple constanants that include the letter R), idioms, front/back minimal pairs (words with similar beginning and ending sounds like key and tea), categories, and Initial B (words starting with B). Unlike most decks that are crowdfunded, these aren’t just pretty things, they’re functional and done with a purpose. Deck packages start at $16.

More cards, but not really: Josh Krause from Original Magic Art is offering classic artwork cards as tokens for various TCGs and CCGs. Taken mainly from masterpieces in the public domain, the card-sized tokens are naturally beautiful with basic sets beginning at $18, full 54-card themed sets at $25, and playmats at $25. While I don’t play many games that require playmats, I’m tempted to get the one based on The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

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