CT FIGSmall Cave Games was showing off three games at CT FIG, two of which I had a chance to play at the show.

The first game I played, GATUCA, is a DNA dice-building combat game. Players roll dice, match up their results to items they wish to buy on their boards, and resolve those actions. There’s combat actions, defensive actions, and actions that let you purchase, alter, or reroll your dice. By the end of the game each player is rolling massive amounts of dice and trying to break through their opponent’s defenses.

Next was This is Just a Test, a game about stockpiling resources with a cold-war era theme. It’s sort of a worker placement, resource management game where you need to make sure you get the best stuff, hoard it, and hope you’re prepared for one of three outcomes: nothing happening, the dropping of the bomb, or a Russian invasion. Each turn event cards are played that can either further along the maturity of your items, or end the game immediately depending on the draw. It’s tense, with a lot of tough choices.

The last game at the table, Ophidian Wars, is a card battle game that’s already making some waves over at The Game Crafter. It’s a game of sci-fi gladiatorial combat that uses a unique flow mechanic. As long as you play positive (+) cards you can continue to act. As soon as you play a negative (-) card, the control of the game now moves to the opponent. The 69 card deck contains everything two players need to play the game, or each player can customize their decks with multiple copies of the game. I took a copy of this home to review, so I’ll have more to say on this later.

Overall a really strong looking line up!


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