So much licensed game news has crossed my desk recently…

Savage Worlds Flash Gordon

R. Talsorian Games has reached an agreement with CD Projekt Red for The Witcher Role-Playing Game. It’ll be based on the same rules system as Cyberpunk 2020 and is planned for mid-2016.

Two Dark Horse Comics series, The Goon and Fear Agent, are getting the Savage Worlds treatment from Pinnacle Entertainment. Also expect to see an official Savage Worlds Flash Gordon.

Star Trek board games are coming from Gale Force 9 next summer.

There’s going to be anniversary editions of Thunderbirds Monopoly and Back to the Future Monopoly.

From Upper Deck expect in 2016 a Big Trouble in Little China Legendary game. It’s the film’s 30th anniversary.

MegaCon Games is making The Banner Saga: Warbands, a cooperative miniatures game based on the computer RPG from Stoic.

The 1960s era Captain Action Card Game is making a return.

Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment is getting a board game adaptation. Unfortunately, it’s planned just as a roll-and-move trivia game.

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Thunderbirds Co-operative Game

Thunderbirds_logoModiphius Entertainment has just announced a licensing deal with ITV Studios Global Entertainment to develop a cooperative board game based on the 60′ TV show Thunderbirds.

For those unfamiliar, Thunderbirds was a sci-fi show set in the year 2065. Founded by the Tracy family, International Rescue saves people using highly advanced air, land, sea, and space vehicles. Modiphius is working with Matt Leacock on the game. Matt is well known in the industry for creating games such as Pandemic, Forbidden Island, and Forbidden Desert. Between the 5 Tracy family members and Lady Penelope, I’m guessing we’ll be seeing a 6 player game.

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