Tiny Games for HomeOspery Publishing will be releasing a do-it-yourself style book filled with games that can be played with stuff you find around the house. If you find yourself stuck inside on a rainy day and the kids are tired of the same old board games. Keep the family activities going with Tiny Games for Home.

The book is full of games that can be played with such instruments as spoons, the sofa, a T.V. set, bottles, and more. It focuses on such things as ” Games about words, games about celebrities, games about the things and the people and the places in your life, games for TV commercial breaks, games for toast, and games for lying in bed.”

The book includes Cucumber Racing, which requires a cucumber and some interesting facial dexterity, Fluffier than a Teacup, which requires its participants to use their imagination to describe things around the house using specific adjectives, and Spoons on your Elbows, for which the title explains everything.

The 48-page book will be available at your local retail bookseller on Sept. 20 for $8.

Tiny Games for WorkIf you find yourself bored at work, you can also grab a copy of Tiny Games for Work, which uses such instruments as sticky notes, coffee grinds, and more. Challenge your coworkers to competitive standing, send work emails with random quotes, or draw straws with pen and paper to eliminate those who stretch outside the norm. Tiny Games for Work will also be available from booksellers on Sept. 20 for $8.

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