brassRalph Anderson of Eagle-Gryphon Games, announced that a Kickstarter campaign for Martin Wallace’s Brass and Brass: Deluxe is planned for July 16th. However, Martin Wallace of Treefrog Games posts that Eagle-Gryphon doesn’t have the rights to the game. According to Mr. Wallace, after 2013, “either party can give six months notice of termination [of the contract for Eagle-Gryphon to publish Brass] as long as sales are below a certain amount”. In December of 2014, Wallace says he gave notice to the company. “Even if I had not terminated the contract they are still bound to consult me about artwork,” he states.

Wallace states that a different company was interested in purchasing the rights to Brass, but Eagle-Gryphon’s upcoming Kickstarter and claim that they have the rights to publish Brass put that deal in jeopardy.

Rick Soued, CEO of Eagle-Gryphon Games says that he is “very sorry to see that Martin has reverted to his unfortunate habit of publicly writing misinformation about matters that should be handled privately”, pointing people to which contains information about a 2009 lawsuit between the two regarding the rights of Age of Steam. (The website was created by Mr. Soued.) Mr. Soued continued, “Martin’s accusations are entirely without factual basis. Eagle Games has an entirely valid and up-to-date contract with Martin for Brass.”

The planned Kickstarter campaign’s deluxe edition will contain metal coins and a two-player map. Mr. Anderson said Eagle-Gryphon contacted the creator of the original two-player map for permission, who “declined any credt and was happy for us to use it.”

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Discworld: Ankh-MorporkOn their company’s blog, Treefrog Games stated they no longer have the license to produce any game based on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, nor is there a chance of renewing the licenses. Treefrog Games had produced the Discworld: Ankh-Morpork and The Witches prior to the license being pulled. The third game in the series, a deckbuilding resource-management game with the working title of The Gods, will not see publication. “Since Sir Terry’s passing away earlier this year there has been a change in [the Discworld’s] IP management style,” says a statement from Treefrog. “I’m sorry to disappoint those fans looking forward to the next game, just one of those things.”

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