While part of the Goliath family now, Pressman is still being maintained as a separate brand. And it’s products are distinct enough that I thought they deserved their own report.

In terms of new products, Pressman has a license for Shopkins games. Out already is Shopkins Pop ‘N’ Race, with Shopkins Supermarket Scramble ($20) following soon. The former is a version of Trouble, the latter a simple spin-and-move game of collecting characters from each section of the grocery store.

Other than that, Pressman is bringing back some out of print titles.

Lucky Ducks (fall, $24), formerly a Milton Bradley title, is a cute matching memory game with a little added challenge. The plastic ducks, on the bottom of which the various shapes are printed, are constantly in motion, circling around the board.

Wheel of Fortune ($20) returns for a fourth edition in the fall with 90 puzzles included.

And for the game’s 50th anniversary, there will be Tri-ominos Junior (summer, $15). What makes it kid-friendly is the inclusion of some wild-card pieces and the addition of colors corresponding to the matching numbers.

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