As the football season approaches, a new licensing agreement with the National Football League has Tudor Games now producing NFL Electric Football and NFL Team Action Figure sets.

NFL Electric Football

While the basic concept of Electric Football—a vibrating field that moves miniature figures (hopefully) toward the goal—hasn’t changed since the game was first released in 1947, new features for 2014 aim to provide players a greater level of control. Invisibase Cleats are translucent bases that are available in speed and strength versions, and can be switched out to fit the play being run. SpeedTurf Fields replace the noisy metal surfaces of the past with something more natural looking (or at least more artificial-turf like). And PlayAction Remote Controls provide for selection of variable speeds.

Invisibase Cleats for Electric Football

The battery-operated NFL Electric Football game is available in three field sizes at suggested retail prices of $60-$130. NFL Electric Football Action Figures are available in 11-player sets at $12 for each team’s home and away uniforms.

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