A new television game show is planned based on the board game Boggle. In development by Entertainment One, Keller/Noll, and Hasbro Studios, Boggle Battle will have three teams of contestants facing off over giant-sized Boggle boards. In the tabletop version, at least, the goal is to find as many words as you can—but different words from the other players—in a 4×4 grid of letter dice. The TV show’s game play will also involve special elimination rounds tied to pop-culture topics like Harry Potter, Marvel, and Game of Thrones.

No word yet on when or where the show will be broadcast.

[image credit: Rich Brooks]

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Clue, a television miniseries based on the board game, debuts Monday night on The Hub. Kids in a big house witness a terrible crime and proceed to investigate. There’s also something about candlesticks.

The Hub, a joint venture of Hasbro and Discovery Communications, also broadcasts several other board game inspired shows, all of which, though are game-shows (in the sense that contestants compete for prizes): Scrabble Showdown, The Game of Life, Pictureka, and Family Game Night.

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