zombies_se_01Mayfair announced today that it has purchased a controlling interest in Twilight Creations, creators of the much-loved Zombies!!! series of games. Kerry Breitenstein remains on board as VP of Design and Production, while Mayfair’s Loren Roznai will be taking over as President and control day-to-day operations. Mayfair will also be taking over all sales and logistics, though there will be no change in distributors.

You’ll be able to see Zombies!!! at the Mayfair booth at Origins this year, while at GenCon there will still be both a Mayfair Games and Twilight Creations booth.

Is this deal a “no-brainer?” We’ll have to see how well it plays out in the future.


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Zombies Jr. 1Twilight Creations has made a name for itself thanks to the hilarious zombie invasion board game, Zombies!!! With a variety of spinoffs and 14 expansions, you can really explore a world of the undead apocalypse. Grab a baseball bat from the sporting goods store and a chainsaw from the home goods store and make your way to the helipad before it is too late. Brain-munching hilarity ensues.

The company recently announced the upcoming launch of a kid-friendly version called Zombies!!! Jr., which features all new artwork that is as adorable as can be, something you wouldn’t have thought possible with guts-loving undead monsters.

In Zombies!!! Jr., players are the kids and they are trying to fend off the grown-ups, who have all suddenly got a taste for brains. The game replaces some cards with more iconic kid stuff, like a “narf” gun, the playground bully and “Game Box 360” action card, which makes the target player unable to move for a turn.

Zombies!!! Jr. for players eight and up comes with 20 map tiles, 30 cards, 50 zombies, plastic heart tokens and the rest of the items that come with the base game. It will retail for $25 and is expected to ship in August of 2015.

Zombies Jr. 2

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Zombies!!! Third Edition

Zombies-3rd-Edition-Cover-OnlyTwilight Creations has just announced Zombies!!! Third Edition. This new edition of the game adds new features such as playing Zombies as a team, cooperative play, and several new scenarios. There are also four new zombies figures, survivor tokens for scenario play and door tokens. All the rules and cards have been updated, but the game is still fully compatible with all other editions.

Release is set for September, which should give you plenty of time to snag it before Halloween.

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