Transformers TCG: Details and Accessories

Hasbro’s new Transformers Trading Card Game is scheduled for release in September. Though little else has been revealed publicly about this WOTC-developed game, I did get a look at some prototype product in Hasbro’s New York Toy Fair showroom. No photos but here’s what I learned…

In the game, Transformers are represented by oversized cards with bot versions on one side and vehicle versions on the other.

While not active yet, the official website will be

The contents of 2-player starter sets will include:

  • 4 foil Transformers cards
  • a 40 card battle deck
  • damage counters
  • turn order card

So, one battle deck for two players. Does that mean opposing players share a battle deck?

Also at Toy Fair, Ultra Pro said it is working with Hasbro to ship accessories (such as card folios and deck boxes) in time for the game’s launch.

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Ultra PRO has completed its previously announced purchase of Playroom Entertainment. The game publisher joins other recent acquisitions of Ultra PRO: Jolly Roger, TableTopics, and the publishing rights to Stone Blade Entertainment’s titles.

Playroom will continue with a distinct brand and catalog, and Dan Rowen will remain at its head. The transaction, though, is allowing the company to move ahead with a number of projects, including the next release, Fake News or Not?. Hitting retail in just a few weeks at $20, Fake News or Not? (renamed from Fake News or Real News?) has players trying to guess which among a series of weird stories or historical events is actually true.

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Valerian: The Alpha Missions

A board game based on Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets has been announced by Ultra PRO Entertainment and should arrive at retail to coincide with the release of the film. Valerian: The Alpha Missions is a cooperative adventure game in which the players explore randomly placed hidden tiles representing a contested zone of the Alpha metropolis. By defeating encountered aliens and sacrificing various resources they can complete a set of missions and get to an extraction site before time runs out.

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The Walking Dead Season 6
Ultra PRO has announced plans for a series of game accessories based on the AMC television show, The Walking Dead. Due in September are card sleeves, storage boxes, and playmats. Following in the first quarter of 2017 will be score-keeping counters.

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Mimic Dice Bag

New from Ultra PRO, the Dungeons & Dragons Mimic Gamer Pouch ($17).

Mimic Dice Bag

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I’ve become a real fan of plat mats over the past year or so. They’re perfect for CCGs, Dragon Dice, and pretty much everything without a board. This new A Link Between Worlds mat from Ultra PRO may be my new favorite design. I mean, look at the thing! It’s beautiful. It’s also $23.99, which doesn’t really make it an impulse buy no matter how beautiful it is.

Still, I may have to snag one.

The mat is 24” x 13-1/2”, and will be available this month.

Mind Flayer Dice Bag

Due from Ultra PRO this December, the Dungeons & Dragons Mind Flayer Gamer Pouch ($17).

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Ultra Pro Gamers Bag

gamerbagThis December Ultra Pro is releasing a messenger-style bag designed with the CCG player in mind.

The bag will go for $79.99 and has the following features:

  • A pocket for a PRO-Binder
  • Laptop pocket
  • 3 Elastic holders for deck boxes
  • A side pocket for a water bottle of rolled up play mat
  • Blue or Red accent colors

I’m actually not to sure about this one, and would really like to see one before I make an final calls on whether or not this bag would suit me. At $80, that’s a big investment.

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My Little Pony Deckboxes from Ultra Pro

ULP84402It’s almost like a followup to the other day’s post!

Ultra Pro has just released a line of My Little Pony deckboxes featuring Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Muffins (Derpy).

Each box is $2.99 and holds 82 sleeved cards.


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Ultra PRO has two Nyan Cat themed play mats coming out in July! The two mats (pictured below) are called Nyan Cat: TaCastrophe and Nyan Cat: Swarm. They’re fabric topped with a rubber bottom. Each will retail for $17.99. While I can’t take this too seriously, it’ll be a great gift for those love flying toaster pastry cats.

ULP84412 ULP84356

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