If anything, the political climate is worse than when I first covered post-truth games in February, and apparently the game market has noticed.

Breaking Games’ Fake News ($25) is now available direct from the company. In it, players try to outdo each other writing outrageous headlines for a selection of image, phrase, and audience cards.

Available June 1st is Fake News/Real News ($14) from License-2-Play. This one takes politics on more directly. Included are cards with caricatures of people in the current administration and cards with 300 outrageous quotes, some of which are real and some of which are fake. Each round, players try to guess whether a selected quote is real and who said it.

Playroom Entertainment has in the works a similarly named Fake News or Real News? by Reinhard Staupe. Modeled on the designer’s True Stories, the game presents players with a series of weird but true news stories, each represented by a question and multiple-choice answers. The goal of the players, of course, it to correctly guess which of the strange answers correctly completes the story.

#AlternativeFacts ($10) from UltraPRO (not to be confused with Frog God Games’ Alternative Facts, which I mentioned last time) has players contributing noun, verb, and adjective cards to a jointly developed headline. When the second card with a Hot Button icon is added, the player who’s card had the highest Clickbait Strength wins the round.

One more, on Kickstarter, is also titled Fake News. Publisher Zag describes it as word Poker. That is, each round the current judge (dealer) puts out two word cards. Then the other players combine those cards with word cards from their own hands to produce, they hope, the best headline.


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Emoji Sleeve Covers

Coming in February from UltraPro are emoji and meme-text sleeve covers—$4 for a pack of 50.

“Sleeve covers?” you ask. Yes, sleeve covers, not card sleeves. Sleeve covers go over the card sleeves, to protect them of course.

Meme Text Salty Sleeve Cover Emoji Heart Sleeve Cover Emoji Face Sleeve Cover

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Magic: The Gathering: Acrylic Land Caddy

ULPLandCaddySo you’ve got a ton of Magic: The Gathering land, and you just don’t know where to put it all, right? Ultra Pro has the $60 answer to all your problems!

This acrylic land caddy has 5 display slots, each engraved with a Mana type on the front. Display your copious amounts of land in style!

Of course all of your land will just have to lay in piles on the floor until May. That’s when you can expect to see this puppy in retail.

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My Little Pony Deck Boxes

We know you’re all fans of the My Little Pony CCG—ICv2 reports that it’s selling like hotcakes—so I’m sure that you’ll be happy to know that soon you won’t have to store those cards in icky generic deck boxes, or worse, extra Magic: The Gathering boxes!

Coming from UltraPro in March are three My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic top-loading deck boxes—Trixie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity. Each has room for 82 sleeved cards, comes with one themed divider, and has a suggested retail price of $3.

My Little Pony Trixie UltraPro Deck Box My Little Pony Rainbow Dash UltraPro Deck Box My Little Pony Rarity UltraPro Deck Box